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Welcome to Vaxholms Brygghus!

Situated at the waterfront, Vaxholms Brygghus is an ideal place to experience Stockholm archipelago!

Visit our café and have a cup of coffee and try our delicious homemade Swedish pastries or enjoy an ice cream in the sun.

Stop by us and rent kayaks  for a few hours and explore the beautiful surroundings of Vaxholm on your own. Get in touch if you would like to join us for a trip in the Stockholm archipelago and visit some of the 30 000 islands for a few days.

Check out our supplies of high quality Swedish outdoor equipment and selected handicraft products.

How to find us? Click for Google maps.

What is unique to Stockholm and Sweden and why should I spend time here? It’s a valid question when you and your family and/or friends are planning precious vacation.  If you have the slightest interest in outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, fishing or just simply relax with a swim in the Baltic Sea after a traditional sauna, this is the place to visit! Sweden offers great possibilities to enjoy outdoor and wildlife thanks to The Right of Public Access. Imagine being able to set camp wherever (almost) you like, just because you discovered a nice little beach, found a spot for a beautiful sunset or a place to catch your fish for dinner.Why not try kayaking during the autumn, optimizing your chances to get close encounter with seals, white tailed eagles or a swimming elk?

We are here to help you get the most out of your trip to Sweden when it comes to outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking or fishing Depending on your needs and preferences, we are able to tailor a perfect outdoor experience for you.

  • Are you searching for a complete package including guide and equipment? – You have come to the right place!
  • Looking to rent equipment and go off on your own? – We will equip you with the right stuff
  • Have you got your own gear and would like some tips and hints or a guide?-Just let us know

Safety and environmental aspects are key to us when planning and executing our trips. Most of our activities are weather dependant and we will adjust accordingly, also taking our guests skills and previous experiences into consideration…But remember: there is an adventure waiting out there for everyone independent of previous experience! With The Right of Public Access comes responsibility and out outspoken ambition is conduct our outings in an eco-friendly way.

Drop us a mail ( ) if you got any questions or simply give us a call +46 (0) 72 300 00 46